Salt Water Pools

Salt vs Chlorine

All of us know the overpowering smell of a chlorinated pool.

These days, more and more pool owners are switching from chlorine to saline

  • A salt water system in your pool or hot tub works by creating its own chlorine. How does this happen? An electric current is passed through salt water in a chlorinator cell. Basically, a chlorinator cell splits the salt into sodium and chloride. It then releases a chlorine gas that dissolves in the water. It is through this process that the water in a saline pool is sterilized.
  • Saline not only sterilizes the water, it prevents the growth of algae.
  • Saline is much easier on your eyes than chlorine. You might have assumed that saline would sting your eyes like the salty ocean does. In truth, though, the ocean has a much higher percentage of salt. Saline has very little salt in comparison.
  • Swimming suits worn solely in saline pools last longer than those worn in chlorinated pools.
  • Saline feels softer on the skin and does not have the same drying effect as chlorine.
  • The cost of installing a saline system into your pool is high, but in the long run the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Saline pools are environmentally friendly – no chemicals.

Swimming in a mild saline solution is much like taking a shower in soft water. Generally, when people swim in a non-chlorine generator pool (a pool with no salt water in it) they feel like their skin dries quicker upon exiting the pool. The water feels smooth, your skin feels smooth and many people feel more refreshed.

In sum, a salt water pool is cleaner, healthier, and better for the environment.

The merits of salt water pools

Though the water in a salt water pool is saline, it’s actually nothing like swimming in the ocean. The salt concentration in the pool tops out at about 2800 to 4000 parts per million, compared to 50,000 parts per million in ocean water. Salt water pools are less salty than tears (you usually can’t even taste the salt) but the soft, luxurious feel of the water, not to mention freedom from the burning feeling of too much chlorine, is immediately noticeable.

Saline pools are the hottest technology in cooling off to come along in years. And they could make the stinging eyes, itchy skin and bleached bathing suits of old-fashioned chlorine pools a thing of the past.

First introduced in Australia in the 1960s, salt water pools have taken off in the last few years to become the fastest growing technology in new pool installation.

Kathy Cambell, a Richmond Hill French teacher and mother of two has been enjoying her salt water pool for years. “After many unpleasant experiences (allergies, rashes, hair damage) with a chlorinated pool, I did some research and decided to elect for the safer, healthier and environmentally friendly salt water system. I quickly realized there is simply no comparison as the salt-water system is far superior technologically. Imagine swimming in a pool without any odour that is actually good for your skin and eyes! It is the closest thing to a lake I’ve ever found! The whole family is spoiled now and wouldn’t think of swimming in a chlorinated pool again. There is simply no better way to enjoy the nice weather!”