Our Transportation Programme is something that we take great pride in at Crestwood Valley Day Camp. Stock Transportation had provided us with a fleet of 20-passenger busses, all with seat belts and their amazing professional drivers. We are happy to announce that all of our busses are fully AIR CONDITIONED, every seat is fitted with a seat belt, and a Crestwood Bus Counsellor will be on every single bus. At Crestwood, we design our bus routes to ensure they are as safe and quick as possible. This door-to-door service will be provided to campers living within the boundaries on the map below.

Please take note:

  • For families outside this area, rendezvous points can be arranged
  • Bus routes outside this area will be arranged if enrollment permits
  • Busses will not enter into difficult to reach areas, ie: some townhouse developments, dead-end streets or some locations that may compromise the safety of the children on the bus
  • When a change of address occurs after June 1st, transportation to the new address cannot be guaranteed, although all efforts will be made. Please notify the camp office immediately with all changes.
  • For parents planning summer vacations, transportation to or from a short term location cannot be guaranteed, although all efforts will be made.
  • For families with multiple addresses, please call the camp office to discuss transportation.

Transportation Boundaries:

crestwood camp boundaries map