Hi Reide (AND Mike, Erin, and Bobby),

We wanted to thank you and all the staff at Crestwood for such an amazing session at camp.

For two summers, Amelia watched Dylan get on the bus each day and she was beyond excited to join him this year. She has come home everyday with the biggest smile on her face and raving about camp.

Dylan had a fantastic experience this year. He completely came out of his shell this summer and it was incredible to watch him play with the boys at Parent’s Night.

We are already talking about next summer and Amelia asked if she can go to camp for even longer and not go on vacation. I cannot think of a better endorsement.

We really believe Crestwood is an incredible camp and our kids make the best memories there.


Ora and Ryan Leopold

To the entire Crestwood Team,

Yesterday was Jagger’s last day of camp and we are all so grateful for the incredible summer he had. There was not one day that he wasn’t excited, happy and eager to go to camp. Every single one of your staff (from bus driver, counsellor, unit head, directors etc.) was truly exceptional. You made Jagger feel at home from day one and ensured that he was well taken care of. You each brought a passion to your job that was infectious.

Jagger started camp a bit apprehensive and anxious; the kid that got off the bus every day with a massive smile, new friends and so many great stories was confident, engaged and happy! And it’s all because of your amazing efforts to make Crestwood the most wonderful place.

As a Crestwood camp alum, there is nothing that makes me happier than knowing my son has found it to be as special a place as I did.

Thank you, thank you!

We will see you next summer!!

All the best,


Dear Sarah and Natalie,

We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful swim program you have run this July. Our son has progressed more in the first week of camp than he had from years of swimming lessons. We are amazed. We look forward to seeing him progress even further in the weeks to come.

Have a wonderful August.


Carly Wagman

Dear Reide, Erin and Mike,

What a month.  Thank you so much.  Both Julian and Alice were so animated every night talking about all the activities, the counsellors, the campers and all the ins and outs of camp.  They both say it was there best year yet.  They regularly did the camp dance, as did Matt and I – it became a bit of a family activity.  There was just a lot of joy and confidence – what else can I say, and what else could a parent want?

And Reide – thank you for your little check-ins with Julian at lunch. He certainly mentioned them to us, and I can tell they were just the right touch.

All the best for a great rest of the summer,

Vanessa and Matt

Hi Erin and Reide,

Hope you are both well. It is hard to believe and sad to think camp is almost over for my kids. They have had a wonderful time. It has been good for all of them in different ways. Thank you both and all the staff that have worked with my kids over the past 4 weeks.

Claire Peddle

Just a quick note to say how happy I was to see how GREAT Sam’s swimming had improved. We were in the pool a lot together in July and so I had a good baseline as I saw her do the deep end tests in the city pools. In August, when she started Crestwood, we didn’t go to the city pools as much, as she was tired (a good thing!) after camp. However we went to the city pool this past weekend and I saw her do the deep end test and she was amazing – like  a different kid  – great form and fast! SO kudos to the whole swim program at Crestwood!


Dear Crestwood Team,

I just wanted to send along a short email to thank you for a wonderful summer for our daughter, Claire. Crestwood has become something very dear to her over the past 2 summers thanks to your wonderful team and program. As parents, all of your energy and thoughtfulness is so appreciated (as are your very well organized and responsive parent communications and reminders). You make camp easy and fun for us all!

Thank you for giving Claire a special place she looks forward to all year (truly she talks about Crestwood ALL YEAR :)). Her little sister is counting down the days until she gets to become a part of Crestwood too.

Your entire team should be very proud!


Julie and Scott Werry


Just wanted you to know that Sloane has had the absolute greatest summer. She and I were talking about how sad it is that today is the last day, but Sloane was even more upset that she “won’t see Mike again” and there were tears involved over that part!!

Thanks for making her experience so amazing. I truly appreciate it.


Kailey Kosher (Shulman)

Good Morning,

I know this email is a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for an amazing summer. Ethan grew up so much this summer, he went from being nervous to jump on the bus, to waiving and smiling. He came home happy every day and making sure that tomorrow wasn’t the weekend so that he could go to camp! His swimming abilities grew as well, and he is now independent in the pool.

A special thanks to his bus counsellors who were bubbly, outgoing and really connected with Ethan and made that transition from home to camp seamless.

As we get ready for our first day of junior kindergarten I wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you do!

Thanks so much,


Mike, Bobby, Erin and Reide,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how impressed I have been with Crestwood Valley Day Camp.

This is my four year old son’s first summer at Crestwood, and week after week, I have been impressed with how well run the camp is, how professional the counsellors and staff are, and how much fun he is having. My son (Jacob) posed a challenge as he did not want to get into the pool for the first three weeks of camp. Claire, one of the Pool Heads, worked patiently with him every day until he felt comfortable getting in, and called me on an almost daily basis to give me an update on his progress. Throughout the process, she was extremely professional, positive and patient.

Yesterday, Jacob was ill, and the staff was faced with the situation of dealing with a child with a stomach virus. Again, throughout the process, the staff was helpful and positive, and did a great job in a situation that could have been scary for a four year old. I am amazed by the quality of staff at the camp!

Jacob is excited to come to camp every day, and always wants to tell us about all of the fun things that he does at camp. Thank you for making Jacob’s first camp experience such an amazing one!


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at camp for creating such a fabulous experience for Finn this July. At the open house the point was made that relationships and interpersonal interaction are the cornerstones of the experience at Crestwood and this was abundantly clear to us this summer. His cabin- kids and counsellors – seemed to gel amazingly well and he was buzzing with happiness everyday. He will definitely be back next year.


To Leo’s and Jasper’s Counsellors,

THANK YOU so so very much for giving our boys an awesome 4 weeks at Crestwood. They truly had an amazing time and they are both already talking about coming back to Canada next year. This will definitely be a summer-experience for them to treasure.

Thank you!

Best Wishes,

Wendy Niesten-McHugh

Dear Crestwood,

I wanted to send a note to thank you all so very much for the wonderful experience my kids have had at camp this past month. All of their counsellors, the bus counsellor and the bus driver were wonderful. In particular my son Brian had probably one of the most positive, confidence-building experiences he has ever had. Brian has endured a lot of adversity and this past month he came home with a huge smile on his face everyday and when he came off the bus today having won the MVP award at baseball, it was probably the proudest he has ever felt in himself. This was exactly the kind of experience he really needed to have. I hope you will pass on my sentiments to his counsellors for doing such a phenomenal job with him!!

Have a wonderful rest of the summer,

The Smith Family

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you for such a wonderful summer. My daughter Joely has had an amazing summer. Not a day went by that she wasn’t excited to get on the bus in the morning. We have ben so impressed by how lovely everyone has been from her two bus drivers, bus counsellors, regular counsellors and even the nurses who she likes so much she goes to see them everyday! I remember my days at camp and how much work it was, so I just wanted to say thank you for the countless hours and all the work that went into making it such a special summer for her.

Thank you again- have a wonderful year and we look forward to next summer!

Ellie and Jeremy

Hi Erin,

I just want to pass along how impressed we are with Crestwood and your staff. We couldn’t believe how far our daughters’ swimming has come in the 7 days that she has been working with your swim staff. She was so excited this afternoon to tell us that she “bobbed” all the way underwater. What a difference, she is now excited to go swimming and see what she can do in the pool. She’s singing the Crestwood song right now at the dinner table.

Please pass along our thanks to her counsellors and her swim instructor. She is already looking forward to next summer.

All the best,

The Cohen Family

Dear Crestwood,

Connor has had a wonderful camp experience with you this summer. Please relay our thanks and appreciation to the whole team- office staff, counsellors, directors and bus staff. You have all been top-notch and professional in every way, and Connor has made good friends and has also had a great deal of fun.

We are also very grateful that you were able to locate (and re-locate) his multiple missing items across the 6 weeks he spent with you. As of today, we have all of his belongings!

Have an enjoyable and relaxing last few weeks of summer.

Please notify us when enrollment starts for next summer, so we don’t miss the spot!

Kind Regards,

The Chase Family

Hi Office Staff,

Please pass along our most sincere compliments to Honor, Matthew’s swim instructor!! In our six seasons at Crestwood, I have always thought that the swim program was strong and one of the best features of camp. You have set my standards REALLY high. Honor has surpassed those high expectations.

Matthew swam the length of his grandparents’ pool multiple times this weekend- a feat that completely took us by surprise! While this may seem “normal” for an almost 6 year old, Matthew took TWO YEARS to get his “sea turtle” badge, and has always insisted on wearing floaties when not at camp.

Honor has somehow encouraged him to dunk completely, do bobs, blow bubbles, get his face wet, tread water, and most importantly, given him the confidence to just start swimming. This is seriously special magic for our strong-willed, change-resistant little person.

Whether or not he ends up earning the Swim Kids 1 level before the end of his 6-week session, this summer has been a huge success in our eyes. He is confident, proud of himself, excited and happy.


Sincere thanks,

Joanna and Jeff

To all the Crestwood Staff,

On behalf of my family, we want to say thank you for yet another amazing summer! Both of my kids came home with huge smiles each and every day- that is all we could ask for! We hope you have an amazing year and we cant wait to do this all again next summer!

Amy, Allan, Jesse and Aubrey Levine

Dear Crestwood,

I wanted to thank you for an outstanding summer! My kids had a terrific time! They made so many great friendships, learned so many new skills and made a huge improvement in swimming.

We are counting down the days until next summer!

The Lee Family

Dear Reide,

Thank you for making Joey’s summer excellent. She loved camp and is sad this is her last few days. She always looks forward to seeing you and having you walk her to her bus. Have a great year and we look forward to next summer!


Rebecca Winton

Dear Crestwood,

Thank you so much for the love, energy, commitment, spirit and confidence you give to our boys! You have created a beautiful camp, filled with amazing spirit! My boys both really adore camp. Thank you for putting your hearts and souls into bettering our kids lives. Your kindness and generosity will be forever appreciated.

All our love,

The Greens

Dear Reide,

We just wanted to thank you for helping us make our transition into day camp as smooth and effortless as possible. Starting with the tour before camp began, to the updates we were able to get throughout camp, the whole process was seamless. From our amazing bus counsellor who picked my children up with a smile on her face every morning, to the swim instructors, counsellors and specialty staff, everyone was outstanding and very professional.  My kids came home singing everyday and couldn’t wait to look through the daily photos with my husband and I each night.

Mrs. Sassani

Dear Crestwood,

Thank you for making A.J.’s first time at camp a memorable one! A.J. bounced off the bus every day eager to tell us about his fabulous day and show us his creations from activities like arts and crafts, pottery or nature.

We noticed a wonderful change over the summer: A.J. grew in confidence by making new friends, taking the bus, partaking in fun activities and having many new and wonderful experiences.

When I was 16, I worked at Crestwood Valley Day Camp and remembered thinking that this would be the perfect place to send my future children. I was right—A.J.’s summer was perfect with warm counsellors, creative staff, helpful office managers, energetic Directors and a loving environment.

Thank you and see you next summer!!

Sara and David Black

Dear Erin,

This is just a short note to thank you and your staff immensely for having Emma in your camp this summer.  Emma has been thriving in your program and as an only child, receiving the attention she needs.  We have noticed Emma’s progress in your program both with swimming and socially, and we hope that Emma will be part of the Crestwood Valley Day Camp family for many more years to come.

Whatever you guys are doing, you are doing just right!    p.s. Erin and Reide are just amazing!

– Sharon Baghai

Hi!  I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much Ella is enjoying Crestwood – she sings the Crestwood song all the time, is thrilled to go off to camp on the bus in the morning and quite disappointed on the weekend that she doesn’t get to go to camp.

Also, I had the shock of my life this weekend.  We took Ella swimming on Saturday for the first time since she started at Crestwood, and I had just finished telling my friend that Ella can’t swim on her own, when I turned around to see Ella swimming under water all by herself!  Wow!

Thank you so much for all you are doing.  We are very appreciative.

– Joanna Akkawi

Dear Crestwood,

We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the wonderful growth and development that we have seen in Scarlett this summer.

Camp was an amazing experience for her this year. She re-connected with friends from last summer and made many new friendships. She has overcome her anxieties about swimming with her face in the water thanks to the caring and sensitive approach of the swim staff.

Thanks to Dieter’s fabulous menu, our pickiest eater was able to eat happily every day. She LOVED that pasta. Thanks for making it healthy and delicious. Keep up the terrific work!

See you next year!

– Lesley