Hi Reide,

I just wanted to send you a note to say that the boys had the best time last month. When they found out they were only staying for 4 weeks this year, they begged me to extend!

Fast forward to this week – we started a new camp – and it is without a doubt no where close to being as well run as Crestwood. They say it’s so boring compared to Crestwood and they still talk about flag, the camp song and carnival everyday.

We’ll be back next year for at least 6 weeks 🙂




I just wanted to send a huge thank you! Both Fox and Nyah had the time of their lives. Thanks for making their first camp experience incredible.
Fox got off the bus and said “that was the best time of my life” as he sobbed that it was over.
We’ll see you next summer!



I wanted to provide some positive feedback. My son, James, had an amazing summer. The last two weeks of camp he developed some anxiety over the weather. To calm him I would call the camp and email the camp daily letting them know. Whoever I would speak to was always so kind and helpful and I always got emails back quickly. I felt like James was so supportive.

Connor and Ben really stood out and the entire summer made James experience so positive. They both really went above and beyond to make sure camp was a special time for James and his cabin and I am very grateful for their hard work! Andrew also made a point of making sure James was ok and it really meant a lot to us.

Thank you for a great summer!

Emily (and James)


I wanted to send a quick note to thank everyone for a great first day. Our daughter came home raving about the awesome activities, delicious lunch, and new friends she made today.

First days are hard for our daughter. She has been through a lot of change lately and we were a little worried about how she would react to another change in her routine.

We were delighted to hear she adjusted so well.

Thank you to all the staff for easing our worries and making today a very fun start to her first summer as a camper.

Xo K and D



Thank you so very much for giving my girls the best summer of their life. Sienna and Brooklyn would come home every day full of stories that they were even too excited to tell.
They can’t stop talking about their incredible staff, the activities, the dances (that they like to perform all day every day 😉).

After months and months spent at home, they finally had normalcy, and while I was hoping they’d have fun, I didn’t expect the incredible positive response I got from them. They had pure joy every single day.  Every drop off. Every pick up  Such a blessing.
Cannot wait for next summer

Dave, Cindy, Sienna and Brooklyn Pacht


Dear Crestwood,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an incredible summer for our son, Evan. I know it goes without saying that it has been a very challenging year for everyone, but especially for the children. I can’t tell you how incredible it was for us to see Evan come home from camp SO happy each day. We don’t really know what he did on a given day or who he played with, but he came home with a spark that had been missing for awhile. Each day at camp was filled with excitement and pure joy. Thank you for giving him such a special experience and for doing everything possible to ensure his health and safety. All of your staff were incredible and we are so appreciative of Evan’s first camp experience.
Have a wonderful end to your summer and all the best,
Karen (Evan’s mom – Dino 5)

Good Morning,

This has been the most amazing summer for my two kiddos.  I cannot thank all of you in the office (I know how much goes behind the scenes) and all the staff for making these eight weeks safe, fun and unforgettable.  I have watched Billy grow up this summer because of camp; he has become more independent and I believe you have all really helped him prepare for JK.  Mason had to navigate friendships and has never been happier.
Your staff is so beyond special.  All of the counsellors the boys had were amazing.  These young women did an incredible job- I wish I could hug each of them for taking care of my kids. I know there are so many others that I have not mentioned, but that are integral to running camp.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.  This has been a difficult year (especially for Mason being home for months on end with two working teachers and no friends around) and you gave all these kids so much happiness.  We can’t wait for next year.
Take care and have a great rest of your summer,
Lara (and Mark) Pagano


I would like to thank you and all the staff at Crestwood for your amazing work this summer. My kids, attended Crestwood for 6 weeks and they had a blast. After such a difficult year, camp was exactly what they needed, and we saw an immediate and positive change in their mood after just the first day.   It was also comforting to see the photos of the counsellors hugging and engaging with the kids in such a normal way.   We appreciated the thought and logistical planning that went into the pick up/drop off process and thought it worked really well.
The kids are still talking about Crestwood and asking about next year, so they will definitely be back.

Dear Crestwood,

I wanted to say thank you for an incredible experience for my daughter. She is usually an apprehensive child and her first time at Crestwood can only be described as a ridiculous success. Driving over on the first day before reaching she asked if she could go for longer next year – I was thrilled she’d decided she loved it before even reaching. And I think her experience exceeded even her high expectations (and mine). She cried all the way home on the last day and I promised to sign her up for next year. So thank you to all the many counsellors and staff for making it the highlight of our summer.

Thank you,

Crestwood Family


It’s hard to believe that summer 2020 is almost behind us and once again, we are writing to you to thank you for another INCREDIBLE camp season. In a normal year, we would be grateful for the amazing environment you create at Crestwood — the kindness, excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, care and sensitivity that the entire staff demonstrates towards the campers is unparalleled. But this year, in a year that our kids truly needed camp more than ever before, you rose to the occasion, making Crestwood not only a fun and wonderful place but also a safe one. From the first day, it was clear that so much thought and attention had gone into planning for this unique summer; all aspects were considered and the execution was perfect. From the branded face masks, the new transportation routine and, most importantly, the gentle way that you handled the campers’ emotional reintegration to routine, you did not miss a beat!

We are so grateful for the way you have all embraced Jagger and encouraged him to be creative, independent and to try new things. We were astonished by the variety of activities he happily participated in — golf, batting cages, basketball, etc. — in addition to his old favourites — crafts, bounce party, swim. Every day, he would light up, describing his day as “really, really, really great!” What more could we ask for? As parents, it is amazing to see your kid so happy. And when there were bumps in the road, which there inevitably are, your team handled it so well and the communication was excellent. He misses camp already and insisted on bringing both his Crestwood shirt and cabin picture with us to Quebec!
Thank you, thank you — from your biggest fans! We’ll see you next year!
All the best,
Ethel and Jonathan Weiner


Hi everyone at Crestwood Camp,

I wanted to send all of you a sincere thank you for everything that you did this summer.

I was really impressed at how things seemed to run, in spite of the challenges given the current environment and the rush to get things going – you certainly gave us a lot of comfort about sending Ainsley to camp.  And even though there we no buses, I enjoyed the extra time with Ainsley when dropping her off and picking her up every day…which also gave me the chance to see the care and enthusiasm that you welcomed Ainsley every day!

I hope Ainsley thanked all of the counsellors today.  She told me she loved the swimming and (seeing her in our neighbour’s pool), we are so impressed at the progress she has made and confidence she has in the water.  And she also liked the variety of activities that she had at the camp, including crafts, s’mores, magic, yoga and stories.

I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone, but am so glad she’s enjoyed every day there…so we’re looking forward to next year!

Until then, thanks again and stay well,



I just wanted to send a note regarding how amazing your summer camp for the 2020 season was. We were beyond impressed with your processes, your safety protocol, the counsellors, the drop off/pick up, the “pod” strategy, the sharing of the educational material in advance, etc – everything was seamless and perfect. I was actually talking with another mom and we were saying we think you should consult the TDSB on how to run a really good “school” during Covid 🙂 because you really had thought of everything and we felt so safe sending our kids to you each day.

In light of all the craziness going on this year, I thought it was important to share how amazing we thought you all did and can’t wait to send our daughters back to Crestwood again soon!

Thank YOU!

-Christina Smears


Dear Crestwood,
Thank you for an amazing summer. Your entire team did a great job keeping kids happy, active and entertained despite the numerous new challenges presented with COVID.
I always felt everyone went above and beyond to make the kids feel safe and comfortable.
Everyday this summer Holden came home with a big smile and every morning (and he is not a morning person) he woke up excited for camp. That is a testament to a great camp you run.
We will be back next year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay safe.

Kim Gans

To the wonderful Crestwood Team,

We wanted to thank you for all your efforts this summer and let you know what a difference it made for our family. After a tough winter and spring, it has meant so much to us to see Ray excited for each and every camp day. She had the best time and we will be forever grateful for the experience she was able to have during such a difficult time for children. We look forward to sending her and our younger daughter for many summers to come!

All the best,
The Ackerman family


I just wanted to send a quick note on the last day of camp to let you know how wonderful this summer has been for the kids. Ella cried last night at the thought of camp ending. She is a devoted Crestwood camper through and through. She loves her counsellors this summer very much and she made great friends with the girls in her cabin. Alex also said that he is very sad at the thought of camp being over and hopes he can go back again next year, which is unusual for him as he generally shows away from groups.

I think this is amazing and a reflection on the amazing program that you put together this year – in what should have been a difficult and “less than“ summer, the kids had their best summer at Crestwood yet. Maybe it’s their age, maybe some magical combination of the kids in their cabins and the counsellors —  but whatever you did, you did it very well, so thank you.



Hi Reide and Eric,

We wanted to thank the incredible staff for making this summer so special for our kids. Having endured so many challenges this year, going to camp was such a bright spot and gave them a happy, fun filled summer they deserve. We are so thankful for your teams care and focus on safety. A special thank you to their councillors Tyler, Thomas and Connor (And Andrew! ) as well as Talia, Mackenzie and Elaine. The kids wouldn’t stop talking about them!

We are sad to see the summer come to an end for sure. Please share our deepest gratitude with the team,

The Shay Family


Hello Team 2020!

We, AS PARENTS, being 100% confident in your camp, staff, safety recognition and history SHOULD AND MUST be thanking your entire extended team for providing us PARENTS with the confidence and determination we’ve needed in order to allow this year to come to fruition.Speaking on behalf of my direct and indirect extended family, we will ALWAYS be there by your side whether it be for a needed counsellor or member!!!                                                   

The most expressive Kudos goes to each and every one of you!

With the most heartfelt regards,                                                                 

The Rocoff Family