Crestwood hires 200 staff members after interviewing over 500 candidates each year. References are personally contacted for each staff applicant and criminal background checks are required. A special blend of superior Senior Head Staff (teachers, professionals, parents and university graduates), talented creative specialists, qualified swim instructors, mature and responsible counsellors, a certified caring registered nurse, safety conscious and efficient maintenance and housekeeping personnel are all hand-picked and must meet Crestwood’s high standards and expectations.

The staff are given extensive training. They are trained in first aid and C.P.R. as well as trained in emergency procedures and the use of the epi-pen. Pre-camp training sessions perfect their skills as counsellors and enable the staff to respond effectively to the children’s needs. Seminars for staff are on-going throughout the summer to build on their experience.

  • All staff are dressed in a camp uniform to ensure security on our private grounds.
  • A low camper-to-staff ratio ensures safe supervision and personal attention.
  • Every member of the team shares a strong personal commitment to the care and love of children.

Staff Positions available:

  • Swim Instructors
  • Counsellors
  • Specialty Staff


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