A wide variety of sports and challenges are offered daily at Crestwood.  Campers’ favorites include batting cages, climbing wall, basketball, mini-tennis, soccer, obstacle course and camping’s historical favorite: Gaga.

Dino sports for our younger campers focuses on cooperative play, gross-motor-skills development, team building and hand-eye coordination in a fun and safe setting.


We are exciting to have Gymboree Play & Music for our Dino Campers! gymboreeGymboree is the global leader in early childhood development programmes. Gymboree helps develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. Activities expertly designed to boost every facet of development. Gymboree is ready to entertain our campers through fun play and music all summer long!

Arts & Crafts

For young campers Arts and Crafts focuses on developing artistic skills while having fun. For older campers at Arts and Crafts, children are challenged with more intricate masterpieces.

The Jewellery Shop

At Jewellery Shop campers craft creative designs such as bracelets, necklaces, pins, barrettes and more using plastic lacing, wire, rope and beads. Upon the completion of their fun, fancy jewellery campers are able to bring it home to share with friends and family.


Children are in charge of the entire creative process at Crestwood; they start with raw clay and continue working on it throughout the session until it arrives on your living room coffee table! After molding their clay it is fired in one of our two on-site kilns, at which point campers paint and glaze their work of art. Crestwood is fortunate to have superior instructors that are able to guide our campers to complete creative projects.


This activity includes dress up, improvisation and mime. The oldest campers put on a show at the end of the month, involving singing, dancing and acting. The campers are active in both on- and off-stage activities, such as costuming, set making, and design. The end product is both rewarding and entertaining. The children gain knowledge of all the arts while having fun.


Campers learn all different types of dance all while listening to their favourite songs! This energetic specialty will boost their confidence and encourage fun and fitness while they prepare for performances and learn our 2015 Camp Dance!


In Computers, campers learn basic computer skills and usage. Campers receive keyboard and mouse instruction. Activities that campers have done in computers include making cards, drawing pictures in KidPix, innovative design work, as well as using entertainment software.

Camp Craft

At Crestwood, Junior, CV and Senior campers enjoy roasting marshmallows, going on hikes, learning how to tie knots as well as how to use compasses.

Science Explorers

In this exciting science specialty, campers will get to experience a hands on creative and nature based programme. Campers will see first hand the life cycle of chicks and butterflies. Campers will learn about the sun and its energy and much much more though art, drama, cooperative learning and stories!

Magic Forest

Magic Forest is a specialty specifically directed at the younger campers. Travel through a world of black light imagination When children enter the Magic Forest at Crestwood, they are greeted by larger-than-life cutouts of multicoloured trees, castle walls, gates, and bushes. This program combines drama, music and storytelling while using camper’s imaginations in order to give a sense of self-confidence in the arts.

Low Ropes Challenge Course

CV and Senior Section campers will benefit and be excited by our Low Ropes course, designed and maintained by one of Canada’s leading ropes companies, The Canadian Ropes Course Company. The emphasis of each trip to “Low Ropes” will be strength, endurance, teamwork and fun. Each cabin will learn co-operation while facing challenges as a group, forming and implementing their own strategies and finally, bonding with their cabin-mates through the feeling of accomplishment achieved by successfully completing the course as a team. This specialty area is operated by a fully certified Canadian Ropes Course Instructor.

In the Mix

Dance, Music, Fun – In The Mix is designed to keep kids moving while fostering their artistic abilities through technology. Ideal for all kids and encourages participation, teamwork and individuality. In The Mix In the mix buttoninstructors help kids to produce their own one-of-a-kind music videos with professional special effects that they can share with their friends and families.

In The Mix has had kids moving in more than 100 schools and community centres across the GTA and we are so excited to have them with us all summer!


In the Mix will also be running our yoga programme this year. Instructor and In The Mix founder Jackie Faibish (BEd) is a professional dancer and certified kids yoga instructor who specializes in working with children.

The programme combines the foundation of Yoga with stories, music and props. Campers will learn how to relax and unwind using traditional yoga breathing exercises while exploring their creative and artistic side and having fun!


You won’t believe your eyes! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there is definitely more than meets the eye. Play, Practice and Perform! This incredible, interactive programme will inspire, instruct and entertain all of our campers!


One of Crestwood’s most popular programs for Junior CV and Senior campers is archery. Campers learn all safety and skill techniques in this great target sport. Campers have opportunities to achieve various levels throughout their time at camp.

Recording Studio 

This fun and interactive program provides campers an opportunity to record music with a professional Disc Jockey. Campers will prepare, perform and edit song pieces that they will help choose.  After the final recording of their songs, campers will be involved in an editing phase that will culminate with them taking home a CD of their creations.


Campers are taken on an incredible journey with LEGO.  Campers will explore different themes and be challenged to build structures of all sizes with the help of our creative staff!  Fun and interactive activities keeps campers of all ages engaged and amazed!

Puppets Cool! & Crestwood Cinema Academy

Puppets Cool!

puppets coolSteve Schnier is best known as the producer of The Magic School Bus, as a sound editor for The Inspector Gadget Show, and as the head writer of Atomic Betty.  He has also created the TV series Freaky Stories for YTV. Steve has worked with Walt Disney Television Animation, CBS, YTV, Teletoon, Nelvana Ltd. and many others.  He has taught screenwriting and created the YouTube puppet comedy series Brain Eatin’ Zombie Babies.

At PUPPETS COOL! campers learn the art of puppetry, create their own hand puppets and take part in a Black-Light Puppetry Programme.  Each fast moving session is packed with hilarious fun with an emphasis on innovation and creativity.

Crestwood Cinema Academy

crestwood cinema academyThe CRESTWOOD CINEMA ACADEMY was created by our resident “puppet master”, Steve Schnier.  Drawing on his 35 years of television production experience (sound effects: The Inspector Gadget Show, producer: The Magic School Bus, creator: Freaky Stories) Steve has created this unique program specifically for Crestwood Valley Day Camp’s summer 2014 sessions.

Campers will learn the secrets of classic hand-drawn animation in our “Flip-book” studio.  They’ll create hilarious “Monty Python-style” cut-out animation.  Campers will learn the lost art of pixilation-animation and the world of miniature special effects will come alive as they create amazing movie trailers.  They’ll experience all this and much, much more during Crestwood Valley Day Camp’s summer 2014.

Once your kids attend The CRESTWOOD CINEMA ACADEMY, your home movies will never be the same again!