The camper media we post at Crestwood Valley Day Camp is password protected so if you don’t have the password, please contact the camp office

Fun Photos

We post daily photo galleries of all the fun we have at camp!

Recording Studio

The Recording Studio is a fun and interactive program that provides campers an opportunity to record music with a professional Disc Jockey.

Campers prepare and perform song pieces that they choose together as a group. Their creations are then posted as Mp3 files on their individual cabin’s page, for you to download and keep.

Click here for a Cabin Directory to find your child’s recordings.

In The Mix

Dance, Music, Fun – In The Mix is designed to keep kids moving while fostering their artistic abilities through technology. In the Mix instructors help kids to produce their own one-of-a-kind music videos with professional special effects that they can share with their friends and families.

Visit the Cabin Directory. Your child’s cabin page will have the links to watch and download your child’s videos.