It is Crestwood Valley Day Camp’s primary priority to promote a safe, caring and supportive environment in order to optimize camper and staff safety, effectiveness and respect within each cabin group and at camp in general. The discipline of campers begins at home with parents/guardians who are the first and primary caregivers for their children. This includes responsibility for social development, behaviour and discipline. Crestwood encourages a partnership with parents in support of campers’ social and emotional growth. Clear behavioural expectations support camper engagement and are based on meaningful communication between peers, parents and staff at camp. Staff strive to create a positive camp culture that reinforces positive and productive behaviours while providing predictable and supportive consequences to behaviours that are identified as being inappropriate. It is the intent in all situations involving aggression to achieve fairness in consequences for the aggressor and support the victim.

Campers become aware of the consistent discipline approaches employed by camp staff and supervisors when a child exhibits inappropriate behaviour. When inappropriate behaviour occurs, progressive discipline practices are used. These practices include a wide range of positive practices to teach, reinforce and address behaviour. Parents are always informed if a situation arises.

At the discretion of any of the Directors of Crestwood, a camper may be removed from camp if the camper has demonstrated, through a pattern of behaviour, that she/he has not prospered by the care and instruction available to her/him and that she/he is persistently resistant to making changes in behaviour which would enable her/him to prosper. A Director may ask that a camper be removed for 1 day or longer depending on the nature of the behaviour. Crestwood Valley Day Camp will do its very best to ensure all campers are safe at all times. Unfortunately, we will not refund a family for days missed due  to a camper’s inappropriate behaviour.

Crestwood Valley Day Camp ensures that  staff are well trained and prepared to care for children. Along with training in creative programming, daily routines and general planning, staff are well trained in First Aid, CPR, Epi-­pen and Emergency Procedures. Campers practice safety drills (fire, missing persons and lockdown scenarios).